#Depending on the discs, the menu may be
two or more pages long. In such case, touch o
or pto display the next or previous menu.
#You can display the menu by touching
RETURN during PBC playback. For details, refer
to the instructions provided with the disc.
!PBC playback of Video-CD cannot be can-
!During playback of Video CDs featuring PBC
(Playback Control), PBC ON, search and time
search functions cannot be used nor can you
select the range for repeat play.

Text information

Text information recorded on CD TEXT and
compressed audio disc can be displayed. Text
information is displayed on variable message

Displaying text information

%Touch DISP.
Touch DISP repeatedly to switch between the
following settings:
For CD TEXT discs
D.Title (disc title)D.Artist (disc artist name)
T.Title (track title)T.Artist (track artist
For compressed audio discs
Folder (folder name)File (file name)
T.Title (track title)Artist (artist name)
Album (album title)Comment (comment)
Bit Rate (bit rate)
!Some discs have certain information encoded
on the disc during manufacture. These discs
may contain such information as the CD title,
track title, artists name and playback time
and are called CD TEXT discs.
!If specific information has not been recorded
on a CD TEXT disc, NO XXXX will be dis-
played (e.g., NO T.ARTIST NAME).
!When playing back WMA files, album title and
comment are not displayed.
!When a list of folders/files is displayed by the
touch of LIST,Current (currently playing
folder) is displayed instead of Folder.
!When playing back MP3 files recorded as VBR
(variable bit rate) files, the bit rate value is not
displayed even after switching to bit rate.
(VBR will be displayed.)
!If specific information has not been recorded
on a compressed audio disc, NO XXXX will
be displayed (e.g., NO ARTIST NAME).

Scrolling text information in the display

This unit can display the first 19 letters. When
the recorded information is longer than 19 let-
ters, you can scroll the text to the left so that
the rest of the title can be seen.
%Keep touching DISP until the title be-
gins to scroll to the left.
The rest of the title will appear in the display.

Displaying information on

compressed audio

Information recorded on a compressed audio
disc can be displayed.
%Touch to display information on
the compressed audio file you are currently
!ALBUM (album title)
!TRACK (track title)
!FOLDER (folder name)
!FILE (file name)
!ARTIST (artist name)
!GENRE (genre)
!YEAR (year)
#When playing back WMA files, lists of album
title, genre and year appear in blank.
Operating this unit