XM tuner

Basic Operations
You can use this unit to control an XM satellite
digital tuner (GEX-P920XM), which is sold
For details concerning operation, refer to the
XM tuners operation manuals. This section
provides information on XM operations with
this unit which differs from that described in
the XM tuners operation manual.
!This unit does not have the text scroll
!With this unit, you can operate one addi-
tional function: XM channel direct

1 2 43



1Source icon
2XM band indicator
3XM channel name
4XM preset number indicator
5XM channel number indicator
6XM channel select setting indicator
Shows what channel select setting has been
selected. CH-Number is displayed when
CH NUMBER is selected, and Category is dis-
played when CATEGORY is selected.
7Preset list display
1 Touch the source icon and then touch
XM to select the XM.
2 Touch the screen to display the touch
panel keys.
3 Touch BAND to select an XM band.
Touch BAND repeatedly until the desired XM
band is displayed, XM1,XM2 or XM3.
4 Touch cor dto select a desired
The channels move up or down step by step.
Channels that cannot currently be selected
are skipped, and the next channel is selected.
#If you touch and hold cor d, you can in-
crease or decrease the channel number con-
#You can also perform tuning from a desired
channel category. (Refer to Selecting a channel in
the channel category on the next page.)
!If you do not use the touch panel keys for
eight seconds, they will be hidden auto-
!You can go to the next group of touch panel
keys by touching d.

Switching the XM display

%Touch DISP to switch the XM display.
Channel nameArtist name/featureSong/
program titleChannel category
Storing and recalling broadcast
You can easily store up to six broadcast sta-
tions for later recall.
!Up to 18 stations, six for each of three XM
bands can be stored in memory.
%When you find a station that you want
to store in memory touch and hold a preset
tuning key P1 to P6 until the XM preset
number stops flashing.
The number you have touched will flash in the
XM preset number indicator and then remain
lit. The selected station has been stored in
Available accessories
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