Changing the viewing angle

during playback (Multi-angle)

With DVDs featuring multi-angle (scenes shot
from multiple angles) recordings, you can
switch among viewing angles during play-
!This function is available for DVD.
!During playback of a scene shot from mul-
tiple angles, the angle icon is dis-
played. Turn angle icon display on or off
using DVD SETUP. For details, refer to Set-
ting the angle icon display on page 36.
1 Touch duntil ANGLE appears in the
2 Touch ANGLE during playback of a
scene shot from multiple angles.
Each time you touch ANGLE it switches be-
tween angles.
mark on a DVDs package indicates it
features multi-angle scenes. The number in
mark indicates the number of angles
from which scenes were shot.
!Touching ANGLE during fast forward/fast re-
verse, pause or slow motion playback returns
you to normal playback.

Stopping playback

%Touch g.
#When you stop disc playback by touching g,
that location on the disc is memorized, enabling
playback from that point when you play the disc
#To play back the disc again, touch f.

Pausing disc playback

Pause lets you temporarily stop disc playback.
%Touch fduring playback.
The icon eis displayed and playback is
paused, letting you view a still image.
#To resume playback at the same point that you
turned pause on, touch fagain.
Depending on the disc and the playback location
on the disc, the icon may be displayed, indicat-
ing that still playback is not possible.

Frame-by-frame playback

This lets you move ahead one frame at a time
during playback.
!This function is available for DVD and
Video CD.
%Touch rduring playback.
Each time you touch r, you move ahead one
#To return to normal playback, touch f.
!Depending on the disc and the playback loca-
tion on the disc, the icon may be displayed,
indicating that frame-by-frame playback is not
!With some discs, images may be unclear dur-
ing frame-by-frame playback.
Operating this unit