Basic Operations
1Source icon
2Band indicator
3Preset number indicator
4Frequency indicator
5Preset list display
6LOCAL indicator
Shows when local seek tuning is on.
7STEREO indicator
Shows when the selected frequency is being
broadcast in stereo.
1 Touch the source icon and then touch
TUNER to select the tuner.
2 Touch the screen to display the touch
panel keys.
3 Touch BAND to select a band.
Touch BAND until the desired band (FM1,
FM2,FM3 for FM or AM) is displayed.
4 To select a preset channel, touch a pre-
set channel on the list.
The preset channel you selected is tuned in.
#When the list of channels is not displayed,
touch LIST.
5 To perform manual tuning, briefly
touch cor d.
The frequencies move up or down step by
#You can also perform manual tuning by press-
ing cor dbutton.
6 To perform seek tuning, keep touching
cor dfor about one second and release.
The tuner will scan the frequencies until a
broadcast strong enough for good reception is
#You can cancel seek tuning by briefly touching
either cor d.
#If you keep touching cor dyou can skip sta-
tions. Seek tuning starts as soon as you release
the key.
#You can also perform seek tuning by pressing
and holding cor dbutton.
If you do not use the touch panel keys within 30
seconds, they will be hidden automatically.
Storing and recalling broadcast


You can easily store up to six broadcast fre-
quencies for later recall.
!Up to 18 FM stations, six for each of the
three FM bands, and six AM stations can
be stored in memory.
%When you find a frequency that you
want to store in memory keep touching
one of preset tuning keys P1 to P6 until the
preset number stops flashing.
The number you have touched will flash in the
preset number indicator and then remain lit.
The selected radio station frequency has been
stored in memory.
Operating this unit