Slow motion playback

This lets you slow down playback speed.
!This function is available for DVD and
Video CD.
1 Keep touching runtil

is displayed
during playback.
The icon

is displayed, forward slow mo-
tion playback begins.
#To return to normal playback, touch f.
2 Touch qor rto adjust playback
speed during slow motion playback.
Each time you touch qor rit changes the
speed in four steps in the following order:
!There is no sound during slow motion play-
!Depending on the disc and the playback loca-
tion on the disc, the icon may be displayed,
indicating that slow motion playback is not
!With some discs, images may be unclear dur-
ing slow motion playback.
!Reverse slow motion playback is not possible.

Return to the specified scene

You can return to the specified scene where
the DVD you are currently playing has been
preprogrammed to return.
!This function is available for DVD.
1 Touch duntil RETURN appears in the
2 Touch RETURN to return to the speci-
fied scene.
If a specified scene has not been preprogrammed
in DVD disc, this function is not possible.

Automatic playback of DVDs

When a DVD disc with DVD menu is inserted,
this unit will cancel the DVD menu automati-
cally and start playback from the first chapter
of the first title.
!This function is available for DVD.
!Some DVDs may not operate properly. If
this function is not fully operated, turn this
function off and start playback.
1 Touch duntil A.PLAY appears in the
2 Touch A.PLAY to turn automatic play-
back on.
#To turn automatic playback off, touch A.PLAY
#When the automatic playback is on, you can-
not operate repeating play of DVD disc (refer to
Repeating play on page 27).

PBC playback

During playback of Video CDs featuring PBC
(Playback Control), PBC ON is displayed. You
can operate PBC menu with 10key.
!This function is available for Video CD.
1 Touch duntil 10key appears in the dis-
play and then touch 10key.
2 Touch 0 to 9 corresponding to a menu
number and then touch ENTER to start
!To select 3, touch 3.
!To select 10, touch 1and 0in that order.
!To select 23, touch 2and 3in that order.
Operating this unit
En 25
Operating this unit