Symptom Cause Action (See)
Power doesnt turn on.
The unit doesnt operate.
Leads and connectors are incor-
rectly connected.
Confirm once more that all connections are
The fuse is blown. Rectify the reason for the fuse blowing, then
replace the fuse. Be very sure to install the
correct fuse with the same rating.
Noise and other factors are causing
the built-in microprocessor to oper-
ate incorrectly.
Press RESET. (Page 10)
Playback is not possible. The disc is dirty. Clean disc. (Page 74)
The loaded disc is a type this unit
cannot play.
Check what type the disc is.
Non compatible video system disc
is loaded.
Change to a disc compatible to your video
No sounds are heard.
The volume level will not rise.
Cables are not connected correctly. Connect the cables correctly.
The unit is performing still, slow mo-
tion or frame-by-frame playback.
There is no sound during still, slow motion or
frame-by-frame playback.
There is no picture. The parking brake cord is not con-
Connect a parking brake cord, and apply the
parking brake.
The parking brake is not applied. Connect a parking brake cord, and apply the
parking brake.
The icon is displayed, and op-
eration is not possible.
The operation is prohibited for the
This operation is not possible.
The operation is not compatible
with the discs organization.
This operation is not possible.
The picture stops (pauses) and
the unit cannot be operated.
Reading of data has become impos-
sible during playback.
After pressing gonce, start playback once
There is no sound.
Volume level is low.
The volume level is low. Adjust the volume level.
The attenuator is on. Turn the attenuator off.
There is audio and video skip-
The unit is not firmly secured. Secure the unit firmly.
The picture is stretched, the as-
pect is incorrect.
The aspect setting is incorrect for
the display.
Select the appropriate setting for your display.
(Page 36)
When the ignition switch is
turned ON (or turned to ACC),
the motor sounds.
The unit is confirming whether a
disc is loaded or not.
This is a normal operation.
Nothing is displayed.
The touch panel keys cannot be
The rear view camera is not con-
B-CAM is at incorrect setting.
Connect a rear view camera.
Press V.ADJ to return to the source display
and then select the correct setting for B-
CAM. (Page 41)
Additional Information