!Depending on the version of Windows Media
Player used to encode WMA files, album
names and other text information may not be
correctly displayed.

About the SAT RADIO

READY mark

The SAT RADIO READY mark printed on the
front panel indicates that the Satellite Radio
Tuner for Pioneer (i.e., XM tuner and Sirius sa-
tellite tuner which are sold separately) can be
controlled by this unit. Please inquire to your
dealer or nearest authorized Pioneer service
station regarding the satellite radio tuner that
can be connected to this unit. For satellite
radio tuner operation, please refer to the satel-
lite radio tuner owners manual.
!The system will use direct satellite-to-receiver
broadcasting technology to provide listeners
in their cars and at home with crystal-clear
sound seamlessly from coast to coast. Satel-
lite radio will create and package over 100
channels of digital-quality music, news,
sports, talk and childrens programming.
!SAT Radio, the SAT Radio logo and all re-
lated marks are trademarks of Sirius Satellite
Radio inc., and XM Satellite Radio Inc.

To protect the LCD screen

!Do not allow direct sunlight to fall on the
display when this unit is not being used.
Extended exposure to direct sunlight can
result in LCD screen malfunction due to
the resulting high temperatures.
!When using a cellular phone, keep the an-
tenna of the cellular phone away from the
display to prevent disruption of the video by
the appearance of spots, colored stripes,

For viewing LCD comfortably

Due to its construction, the view angle of the
LCD screen is limited. The viewing angle (verti-
cal and horizontal) can be increased, however,
by using BRIGHT to adjust the black density of
the video. When using for the first time, adjust
the black density in accordance with the view-
ing angle (vertical and horizontal) to adjust for
clear viewing. DIMMER can also be used to
adjust the brightness of the LCD screen itself
to suit your personal preference.

What the marks on DVDs


The marks below may be found on DVD disc
labels and packages. They indicate the type of
images and audio recorded on the disc, and
the functions you can use.
Mark Meaning
2Indicates the number of audio sys-
2Indicates the number of subtitle lan-
3Indicates the number of viewing an-
16 : 9 LB Indicates the picture size (aspect ratio:
screen width-to-height ratio) type.
Indicates the number of the region
where playback is possible.
Before You Start
En 9
Before You Start