%Press ANGLE (+/) to adjust the LCD
panel to an easily viewable angle.
The LCD panel angle continues changing as
long as you press ANGLE (+/)and hold.
#The adjusted LCD panel angle will be memor-
ized and automatically returned to the next time
the LCD panel is opened.

Turning the LCD panel horizontal

When the LCD panel is upright and it hinders
the operation of the air conditioner, the panel
can be turned horizontal temporarily.
%Press FLIP DOWN to turn the LCD panel
#To return to original position, press
FLIP DOWN again.
#The LCD panel returns to the original position
automatically with beeping sound 10 seconds
after operation.

Changing the wide screen mode

You can select a desired mode for enlarging a
4:3 picture to a 16:9 one.
%Press WIDE to select the desired set-
Press WIDE repeatedly to switch between the
following settings:
FULL (full)JUST (just)CINEMA (cinema)
ZOOM (zoom)NORMAL (normal)
FULL (full)
A 4:3 picture is enlarged in the horizontal direc-
tion only, giving you a 4:3 TV picture (normal pic-
ture) without any omissions.
JUST (just)
The picture is enlarged slightly at the center and
the amount of enlargement increases horizontally
to the ends, enabling you to enjoy a 4:3 picture
without sensing any disparity even on a wide
CINEMA (cinema)
The picture is enlarged by the same proportion as
FULL or ZOOM in the horizontal direction and by
an intermediate proportion between FULL and
ZOOM in the vertical direction; ideal for a cine-
ma-sized picture (wide screen picture) where cap-
tions lie outside.
ZOOM (zoom)
A 4:3 picture is enlarged in the same proportion
both vertically and horizontally; ideal for a cine-
ma-sized picture (wide screen picture).
NORMAL (normal)
A 4:3 picture is displayed as it is, giving you no
sense of disparity since its proportions are the
same as that of the normal picture.
!Different settings can be memorized for each
video source.
!When video is viewed in a wide screen mode
that does not match its original aspect ratio, it
may appear different.
!Remember that using the wide mode feature
of this system for commercial or public view-
ing purposes may constitute an infringement
on the authors rights protected by the Copy-
right Law.
!Video will appear grainy when viewed in
CINEMA or ZOOM mode.
Operating this unit