!AUX (auxiliary input) and AV (AV input) are set
to the same source level adjustment volume

Using the dynamic range control

The dynamic range refers to the difference be-
tween the largest and softest sounds. The dy-
namic range control compresses this
difference so that you can clearly hear sounds
even at low volume levels.
!The dynamic range control is effective only
on Dolby Digital sounds.
!When playing other than the DVD disc, you
cannot switch to D.R.C.
1 Touch D.R.C on the DSP function menu.
#When playing other than the DVD disc, you
cannot switch this mode.
2 Touch ato turn the dynamic range con-
trol on.
#To turn dynamic range control off, touch b.

Using the down-mix function

The down-mix function allows you to play back
multi-channel audio in 2 channels.
1 Touch DOWN MIX on the DSP function
2 Touch cor dto select the desired level.
Touch cto select Lo/Ro. Touch dto select
!Lo/Ro Stereo mix the original audio that
do not contain channel modes such as sur-
round components.
!Lt/Rt Down mix so that the surround
components can be restored (decoded).

Using the direct control

You can override audio settings to check for ef-
fectiveness of your audio settings.
!All audio functions are locked out when the
direct control is on except VOLUME.
1 Touch DIGITL DIRECT on the DSP func-
tion menu.
2 Touch ato turn the direct control on.
#To turn direct control off, touch b.

Using the Dolby Pro Logic II

Dolby Pro Logic II creates five full-bandwidth
output channels from two-channel sources to
achieve high-purity matrix surround.
!Dolby Pro Logic II supports up to 48kHz
sampling rate stereo source and has no ef-
fect on other types of source.
1 Touch NEXT on the DSP function menu.
2 Touch DOLBY PL II.
3 Touch any of the following touch panel
keys to select the desired mode.
!MOVIE The Movie mode suitable for
movie playback
!MUSIC The Music mode suitable for
music playback
!MATRIX The Matrix mode for when FM
radio reception is weak
!OFF Turn Dolby Pro Logic II off
!ADJUST Adjust the Music mode
#You can operate ADJUST only when MUSIC
has been selected.

Adjusting the Music mode

You can adjust the Music mode with the fol-
lowing three controls.
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