!This unit conforms to the track skip func-
tion of the CD-R/CD-RW disc. The tracks
containing the track skip information are
skipped automatically (in case of audio
data (CD-DA)).
!If you insert a CD-RW disc into this unit,
time to playback will be longer than when
you insert a conventional CD or CD-R disc.
!Read the precautions with CD-R/CD-RW
discs before using them.

Dual Discs

!Dual Discs are two-sided discs that have a
recordable CD for audio on one side and a
recordable DVD for video on the other.
!Playback of the DVD side is possible with
this unit. However, since the CD side of
Dual Discs is not physically compatible
with the general CD standard, it may not be
possible to play the CD side with this unit.
!Frequent loading and ejecting of a Dual
Disc may result in scratches on the disc.
Serious scratches can lead to playback pro-
blems on this unit. In some cases, a Dual
Disc may become stuck in the disc loading
slot and will not eject. To prevent this, we
recommend you refrain from using Dual
Disc with this unit.
!Please refer to the information from the
disc manufacturer for more detailed infor-
mation about Dual Discs.

Compressed audio files on

the disc

!Depending on the version of Windows
Media Player used to encode WMA files,
album names and other text information
may not be correctly displayed.
!There may be a slight delay when starting
playback of audio files encoded with image
!ISO 9660 Level 1 and 2 compliant. Romeo
and Joliet file systems are both compatible
with this player.
!Multi-session playback is possible.
!Compressed audio files are not compatible
with packet write data transfer.
!Only 64 characters from the beginning can
be displayed as a file name (including the
extension such as .wma or .mp3) or a folder
!Folder selection sequence or other opera-
tion may be altered depending on the en-
coding or writing software.
!Regardless of the length of blank section
between the songs of original recording,
compressed audio discs will play with a
short pause between songs.
!File extensions such as .wma or .mp3 must
be used properly.
Additional Information
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