#To return to the previous group of function
names, touch PREV.
#When playing discs recorded with more than
96 kHz sampling frequency, you cannot use audio
functions. Also, equalizer curve setting,
POSITION,AUTO EQ and AUTOTA will be can-
#When playing discs recorded with more than
96 kHz sampling frequency, audio is outputted
from front speakers only.
#When selecting the FM tuner as the source,
you cannot switch to SLA.
#When playing other than the DVD disc, you
cannot switch to D.R.C.
#When neither FRONT-L nor FRONT-R is se-
lected in POSITION, you cannot switch to
#When both the center speaker and the rear
speaker are set to OFF in the speaker setting, you
cannot switch to DOLBY PL II.
#To return to the previous display, touch BACK.
#To return to the display of each source, touch
If you do not operate the DSP function within
about 30 seconds, the display is automatically re-
turned to the source display.

Using the sound field control

The SFC function creates the sensation of a
live performance.
!The acoustics of different performance en-
vironments are not the same and depend
on the extent and contour of space through
which sound waves move and on how
sounds bounce off the stage, walls, floors
and ceilings. At a live performance you
hear music in three stages: direct sound,
early reflections, and late reflections, or re-
verberations. Those factors are programed
into the SFC circuitry to recreate the acous-
tics of various performance settings.
1 Press EQ button and hold to switch to
SFC function.
Press EQ and hold until SFC appears in the
#To switch to equalizer function, press EQ and
hold again.
2 Press EQ to select the desired SFC
Press EQ repeatedly to switch between the fol-
lowing mode:
MUSICAL (musical)DRAMA (drama)
ACTION (action)JAZZ (jazz)HALL (hall)
CLUB (club)OFF (off)
If the source is a 2-channel LPCM audio or a 2-
channel Dolby Digital audio and you select SFC
effects that are most applicable for 5.1-channel
audio (i.e., MUSICAL,DRAMA or ACTION), we
recommend turning Dolby Pro Logic II on. On the
other hand, when selecting SFC effects that are
intended for use with 2-channel audio (i.e., JAZZ,
HALL or CLUB), we recommend turning Dolby
Pro Logic II off.

Using the position selector

One way to assure a more natural sound is to
accurately position the stereo image, putting
you right in the center of the sound field. The
position selector function lets you automati-
cally adjust the speaker output levels and in-
serts a delay time to match the number and
position of occupied seats. When used in con-
junction with the SFC, the feature will make
the sound image more natural and offer a pa-
noramic sound that envelops you.
1 Touch POSITION on the DSP function
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