!When using a regular display, select either
LETTER BOX or PANSCAN. Selecting 16 : 9
may result in an unnatural picture.
!If you select the TV aspect, the units dis-
play changes to the same setting.
1 Touch SETUP and VISUAL and then
touch TV ASPECT.
2 Touch any of the following touch panel
keys to select the TV aspect.
!16 : 9 Wide screen picture (16:9) is dis-
played as it is (initial setting)
!LETTER BOX The picture is the shape of a
letterbox with black bands at the top and
bottom of the screen
!PANSCAN The picture is cut short at the
right and left of the screen
!When playing discs that do not specify
PANSCAN, playback is with LETTER BOX even
if you select PANSCAN setting. Confirm
whether the disc package bears the 16 : 9 LB
mark. (See page 9.)
!Some discs do not enable changing of the TV
aspect. For details, refer to the discs instruc-

Setting the parental lock

Some DVD video discs let you use parental
lock to restrict children from viewing violent
and adult-oriented scenes. You can set the par-
ental lock to your desired level.
!When you set a parental lock level and then
play a disc featuring parental lock, code
number input indications may be dis-
played. In this case, playback will begin
when the correct code number is input.

Setting the code number and level

You need to have registered a code number for
playing back discs with parantal lock.
1 Touch SETUP and VISUAL and then
2 Touch 0 to 9 to input a four digit code
3 While the inputted number is dis-
played, touch ENTER.
The code number is set, and you can now set
the level.
4 Touch any of 1 to 8 to select the desired
The parental lock level is set.
!LEVEL 8 Playback of the entire disc is pos-
sible (initial setting)
!LEVEL 7 to LEVEL 2 Playback of discs for
children and non-adult-oriented discs is
!LEVEL 1 Playback of discs for children
only is possible
!We recommend to keep a record of your code
number in case you forget it.
!The parental lock level is recorded on the disc.
Look for the level indication written at the disc
package, included literature or on the disc it-
self. Parental lock of this unit is not possible if
a parental lock level is not recorded in the
!With some discs, the parental lock may be ac-
tive only on the scenes with certain levels. The
playback of those scenes will be skipped. For
details, refer to the instruction manual that
came with the discs.

Changing the level

You can change the set parental lock level.
Operating this unit
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Operating this unit