Setting up the DVD player

Introduction of DVD setup


You can use this menu to change audio, subti-
tle, parental lock and other DVD settings.
1DVD setup menu display
Shows the DVD setup menu names.
1 Touch g.
SETUP will be displayed instead of MENU.
2 Touch SETUP when the disc is stopped.
The DVD setup menu is displayed.
3 Touch any of LANGUAGE or VISUAL to
display the DVD setup function names.
The DVD setup function names in selected
menu are displayed.
#To return to the previous display, touch BACK.
#To return to the playback display, touch ESC.
If you do not operate the DVD setup function
within about 30 seconds, the display is automati-
cally returned to the playback display.

Setting the subtitle language

You can set a desired subtitle language. If the
selected subtitle language is recorded on the
DVD, subtitles are displayed in that language.
1 Touch SETUP and LANGUAGE and then
touch SUB. T LANG.
Subtitle language menu is displayed and the
currently selected language is highlighted.
#To switch to the second language select
menu, touch NEXT.
#To return to the first language select menu,
touch PREV.
2 Touch the desired language.
A subtitle language is set.
#If you have selected OTHERS, refer to When
you select OTHERS on this page.
!If the selected language is not recorded on
the disc, the language specified on the disc is
!You can also switch the subtitle language by
touching SUB.T during playback. (Refer to
Changing the subtitle language during play-
back (Multi-subtitle) on page 23.)
!Even if you use SUB.T during playback to
switch the subtitle language, this does not af-
fect the settings here.

When you select OTHERS

When you select OTHERS, a language code
input display is shown. Refer to Language code
chart for DVD on page 78 to input the four-digit
code of the desired language.
1 Touch 0 to 9 to input the language
#To cancel the inputted numbers, touch C.
2 While the inputted number is dis-
played, touch ENTER.

Setting the audio language

You can set the preferred audio language.
Operating this unit
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Operating this unit