Playing songs on iPod

Listening to songs on your iPod

You can use this unit to control an iPod adapter,
which is sold separately.
1Source icon
2Song number indicator
3Play time indicator
4Song title indicator
5Repeat indicator
Shows when repeat range is selected to cur-
rent track.
6RDM indicator
Shows when random play is set to TRACK or
1 Touch the source icon and then touch
iPod to select the iPod.
#You can also select the iPod source by press-
ing SOURCE repeatedly.
#When the iPod is not connected to this unit,
you cannot select the iPod as a source.
2 Touch the screen to display the touch
panel keys.
3 To skip back or forward to another
song, touch oor p.
Touching pskips to the start of the next
song. Touching oonce skips to the start of
the current song. Touching it again will skip to
the previous song.
4 To perform fast forward or reverse,
keep touching oor p.
If the playback is stopped for any reason, touch
TOP and refine your seach for a song.

Browsing for a song

The operation of this unit to control an iPod is
designed to be as close to the operation of the
iPod as possible for easy operation and song
1 Touch TOP to display the top menu.
2 Touch one of the categories in which
you want to search for a song.
!PLAYLISTS (playlists)
!GENRES (genres)
!ARTISTS (artists)
!ALBUMS (albums)
!SONGS (songs)
3 Touch a list title that you want to play.
Repeat this operation until you find the de-
sired song.
#You can start a playback of all the songs in the
selected list (GENRES,ARTISTS or ALBUMS). To
do this, keep touching the list title.
#To go to the next group of list titles, touch .
#To return to the previous group of list titles,
touch .
#To return to the previous menu, touch .
#To go to the top menu of the list search, touch

Pausing a song

%Touch fduring playback.
#To resume playback at the same point that you
turned pause on, touch fagain.
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