Multi-CD Player

Basic Operations
You can use this unit to control a multi-CD
player, which is sold separately.
!Only those functions described in this man-
ual are supported by 50-disc multi-CD
!This unit is not designed to operate disc title
list functions with a 50-disc multi-CD player.
1Source icon
2Disc number indicator
3Track number indicator
4Play time indicator
5Disc list display
Shows the disc title list.
1 Touch the source icon and then touch
M-CD to select the multi-CD player.
2 Touch the screen to display the touch
panel keys.
3 Touch a disc title on the list to play
Operable disc titles are highlighted. If you
want to select a disc located at 7 to 12, touch
or to display 07 to 12.
#When the disc titles of 01-06 or 07-12 are not
displayed, you can display them by touching
#You can also sequentially select a disc by
pressing a/bbutton.
4 To skip back or forward to another
track, touch cor d.
Touching dskips to the start of the next track.
Touching conce skips to the start of the cur-
rent track. Touching again will skip to the pre-
vious track.
5 To perform fast forward or reverse,
keep touching cor d.
!When the multi-CD player performs the pre-
paratory operations, READY is displayed.
!If an error message such as ERROR-02 is dis-
played, refer to the multi-CD player owners
!If there are no discs in the multi-CD player ma-
gazine, NO DISC is displayed.
!If you do not use the touch panel keys within
30 seconds, they will be hidden automatically.
Introduction of advanced
You can use these functions only with a multi-
CD player that supports them.
1 Press A.MENU button to display MENU.
MENU appears on the display.
2 Touch FUNCTION to display the func-
tion names.
The function names are displayed and oper-
able ones are highlighted.
#To go to the next group of function names,
touch NEXT.
#To return to the previous group of function
names, touch PREV.
#To return to the previous display, touch BACK.
#To return to the playback display, touch ESC.
Available accessories
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Available accessories