Using the AUX source

An IP-BUS-RCA Interconnector such as the
CD-RB20/CD-RB10 (sold separately) lets you
connect this unit to auxiliary equipment fea-
turing RCA output. For more details, refer to
the IP-BUS-RCA Interconnector owners man-

Selecting AUX as the source

%Touch the source icon and then touch
AUX to select AUX as the source.
#When the source icon is not displayed, you
can display it by touching the screen.
#If the auxiliary setting is not turned on, AUX
cannot be selected. For more details, see Switch-
ing the auxiliary setting on page 39.

Setting the AUX title

The title displayed for the AUX source can be
1 After you have selected AUX as the
source, press A.MENU button and touch
FUNCTION and then touch NAME EDIT.
2 Touch ABC to select the desired charac-
ter type.
Touch ABC repeatedly to switch between the
following character types:
Alphabet (upper case), numbers and symbols
alphabet (lower case)European letters,
such as those with accents (e.g., á,à,ä,ç)
#You can select to input numbers and symbols
by touching 123.
3 Touch aor bto select a letter of the al-
Each time you touch ait will display alphabet,
numbers or symbols in ascending order (AB
C ...). Each time you touch bit will display a
letter in descending order.
4 Touch dto move the cursor to the next
character position.
When the desired letter is displayed, touch d
to move the cursor to the next position and
then select the next letter. Touch cto move
backwards in the display.
5 Touch OK to store the entered title in
6 Touch ESC to return to the playback dis-

Selecting the background display

You can switch background displays while lis-
tening to each source.
Each time you press ENTERTAINMENT (ENT)
the display changes in the following order:
Audio source
Background still pictureBGV (background
visual)AV (AV input)
Video source
Video of currently selected sourceback-
ground still pictureBGV (background visual)
AV (AV input)
In the following cases, the background display
will not change:
!When a list is displayed.
!When the AV (AV input) is not set to VIDEO
(refer to page 41).
Operating this unit
En 43
Operating this unit