Install, Upgrade, and Maintenance Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 10.x
Backing Up and Restoring Cisco Unity Connection Components
You must take the backup of CiscoUnity Connection components to avoid loosing any data or messages.
The following are the tools supported for taking the backup or restoring the Unity Connection
COBRAS, see the About COBRAS, page 2-1 section.
Disaster Recovery System, see the About Disaster Recovery System, page 2-1 section.


Cisco Unified Backup and Restore Application Suite (COBRAS) is an application used to migrate data
and messages. You can take the backup using Export tool and restore the backup data using Import tool.
For more information, download the latest version of COBRAS, and view the training videos and Help

About Disaster Recovery System

The Disaster Recovery System (DRS) is web application that enables you to take the full backup of Unity
Connection server components to remote locations using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure File
Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
You can take the backup of the following Unity Connection server components:
Unity Connection configuration database
Mailbox messages
User greetings and recorded names
Other server and platform components
DRS also provides a restore wizard that enables you to restore the Unity Connection server components
from a backup file stored on an FTP or SFTP server.
Note You must configure the Unity Connection server with the settings similar to the server of which backup
was taken before you can restore the software components.