Safety information

Please read this important safety information before you use the device. It contains general safety information for devices and may include content that does not apply to your device.

Follow the warning and caution information to prevent injury to yourself or others and to prevent damage to your device.

The term‘device’refers to the product and its battery, charger, the items supplied with the product, and any Samsung-approved accessories used with the product.


Failure to comply with safety warnings and regulations can cause serious injury or death

Do not use damaged power cords or plugs, or loose electrical sockets

Unsecured connections can cause electric shock or fire.

Do not touch the device, the charger or its cables, or the electric socket using wet hands or other wet body parts

Doing so may result in electrocution.

Do not bend or damage the power cord

Doing so may cause electric shock or fire.

Do not use your device while it is charging or touch your device with wet hands

Doing so may cause electric shock.