Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch Operations and Maintenance Guide, Release 6.0.x
Chapter 3 Monitoring and Backing Up the BTS
Moving Core Files

Adding Static Routes

To add static routes to all Cisco BTS 10200 systems, perform the following steps:
Step 1 From the shell or window of the primary call agent, change directory to /opt/utils.
cd /opt/utils
Step 2 Edit S96StaticRoutes using an editor.
Step 3 Add the subnet of NTP server, DNS server, external archive server and any other machine to the file,
which user wants to have access to Cisco BTS 10200 system in the following format:
route add -net <destination network> <network gateway>
Note All NTP, DNS traffic, traffic to external archive server, and traffic from other machine to Cisco BTS
10200 system (eg. login), should all go through management networks. (i.e. network gateway in
management network). This is particularly important in CA system because CA has both management
and signaling network. If user does not specify explicitly in this file, those traffic will be directed to
signaling network, because signaling network is the default one in CA/FS.
Step 4 Make sure there is a soft link pointing from /etc/rc3.d/S96StaticRoutes to /opt/utils/S96StaticRoutes.
ls -l /etc/rc3.d/S96StaticRoutes
Step 5 After editing, close the file, and run S96StaticRoutes.
Step 6 Repeat Step 1 to Step 5 on the secondary CA.
Step 7 Verify the connectivity by pinging the DNS server, NTP server, external archive server, or any machine
that user just added in that file.

LAF Alarm Information

Refer to the following link to see the LAF alarm information.
Moving Core Files
BTS creates and stores core files in the bin directory for the binary executable that generated the core.
Core files are large (2–4 GB) and eventually cause a disk full condition resulting in a switchover. When
a BTS platform system generates a core file, the BTS creates an alarm. The Core File Present—Audit 25
(major) alarm indicates a core is present in the BTS. The primary cause of this alarm is that a network
element process crashed.
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