Chapter 2 Safety Precautions

2-1 Installation

Do not install or store the JW-20CM in the following conditions.

Direct sunlight

Ambient temperature exceeding the range of 0 to 55 ˚C (Storage temperature : -20 to 70 ˚C)

The relative humidity exceeding the range of 35 to 90%.

Sudden temperature changes which may cause condensation.

• Corrosive or inflammable gas



Vibration or hard jolts

Prior to installing or detaching the JW-20CM, make sure to turn OFF the power supply to the PCs.

All screws must be tightened firmly.

2-2 Wiring

Make sure to use only the recommended types (see page 6 · 1) for cables, connectors, and crimping tools.

When using connectors for branch or joint lines, provide jackets to protect connectors.

(When a connector touches with an external enclosure or the like, a communication error may occur.)

“T” jacket

(insulation cover)

“L” jacket

(insulation cover)

Do not connect the ground terminal of the power supply module together with other equipment’s ground lines. Make sure to provide class-3 grounding.

When the JW-20CM is used without connecting a class-3 grounding, malfunctions by noise may occur.

Communication cables should be arranged as far from any high voltage lines and strong power lines as possible. Do not lay the communication cable parallel or proximate to these lines.