5-2 JW-20RS

Choose type of basic rack panel of the remote I/O slave module (JW-20RS) considering kinds and number of I/O modules to be installed.

Kinds of I/O modules

Rack panel model name




ZW-08BU (for 8 modules)



I/O module of ZW model

ZW-04KB (for 4 modules)




ZW-02KB (for 2 modules)




JW-4BU (for 4 modules)



I/O module of JW model

JW-6BU (for 6 modules)


JW-8BU (for 8 modules)





JW-13BU (for 13 modules)



When I/O modules for JW model are used, maximum two modules of basic rack panel can be connected per one remote I/O slave module. However, I/O bus expansion adapter (JW-1EA/JW-2EA) cannot be used.


2 rack panel max.