(2)LoadLoad to the personal computer

Load the contents of the floppy diskette into the memory of the personal computer.

Select “FD TRANS.”

Select “Load.”

Select a file name.

Press the “Enter” key.

Start loading into the personal computer.

Stop operation of the JW-22CM

After stopping operation, load the memory contents of the personal computer into the JW-20CM.

Select “PC TRANS.”

Select “Write.”


Select “DL M. stn. PARAM.” or “DL S. stn.

· Communication adaptor supplied

with JW-50SP


Convertor supplied with JW-50SP


Set as the function setting condition of the

· Control module connection cable

connected network module.


After selecting “PC stop,” press the “Enter” key.

After selecting “Execution stop,” press the





“Enter” key.