Chapter 8 Remote I/O

8-1 Description of remote I/O

·If remote I/O slave module JW-20RS is installed on I/O modules located separately, one PC (master station) having a network module JW-20CM can control these I/O modules.

·Connect between a master station JW-20CM and slave station JW-20RS using one coaxial cable. As the network module JW-20CM and remote I/O slave module JW-20RS control communication, there is no need any special program for the PC.

·More than one master stations can be mounted on one PC.

·Maximum 63 modules of slave stations can be connected within the cable total extension length 1 km.

·If a JW model PC has a master station, it can connect with stave stations having JW model I/O modules and slave stations having ZW model I/O modules. However, mixed installation of JW and ZW model I/O modules on one slave station is not available.

If a master station is installed on a ZW model PC, it can connect only with slave stations


[ having ZW model I/O modules.



Master staion 00(8)

Slave staion 01(8)

Slave staion 02(8)

Slave staion 77(8)













(Slave station : 63 stations max., cable total extension length : 1km max.)