6-1 Processing cable end

Applicable cable

High frequency coaxial cable: ME-5C-2V

Required tools

Stripper for high frequency coaxial cable: CST-TM

Processing procedure<Basic operation>

Move the cam wheel of the stripper (amber colored ring) back and forth and the cable holder moves back and forth accordingly. Confirm this movement of the stripper first.

To hold the stripper, put your forefinger through the hole and move the cam while pushing back and forth with your thumb.

<Pressure setting>

Set the operation range of the cable holder by moving

6 the slider at the bottom of the body. Move to the left to increase pressure.

In this example, set the slider to the cam wheel side’s end (right side) to set the pressure to low.

<Adjustment of blade cutting depth>

Adjust the cutting depth of the blade by turning the two screws at both ends of the screw holder. Set the blade position to within 1 mm from the cutting surface of the blade cassette prior to adjusting the cutting depth. For the cutting depth adjustment, use the “blade setting gauge” supplied as an accessory and match the blade position with the caved position of the gauge. Then move the cam wheel forward and secure firmly. Turn right lightly both adjustment screws at either end of the screw holder for adjustment. (Be careful not to break the blade setting gauge as it is made of aluminum.)

(Fine adjustment is required to get the optimum cutting depth.)

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Cable holder Front Cam wheel


Blade cassette

Blade (slashed area)

Within 1 mm

Set the blade to within 1 mm in order not to damage the blade by the blade setting gauge.

Cam wheel


Slider Right

Screw holder

Blade setting gauge