Safety Precautions

Read this manual and attached documents carefully before installation, operation, maintenance and checking in order to use the machine correctly. Understand all of the machine knowledge, safety information, and cautions before starting to use. In this instruction manual, safety precautions are ranked into "danger" and "caution" as follows.



Wrong handling may possibly lead to death or heavy injury.









Wrong handling may possibly lead to medium or light injury.




Even in the case of Caution , a serious result may be experienced depending on the circumstances. Anyway, important points are mentioned. Be sure to observe them strictly.

The picture signs of prohibit and compel are explained below.

: It means don’ts. For example, prohibition of disassembly is indicated as ().

: It means a must. For example, obligation of grounding is indicated as ( ).



Use in the environments specified in the catalog, instruction manual, and user's manual. Electric shock, fire or malfunction may be caused when used in the environments of high temperature, high humidity, dusty or corrosive atmosphere, vibration or impact.

Install according to the manual.

Wrong installation may cause drop, breakdown, or malfunction.

Never admit wire chips or foreign matters.

Or fire, breakdown or malfunction may be caused.



Be sure to ground.

Unless grounded, electric shock or malfunction may be caused.


Connect the rated power source.

Connection of a wrong power source may cause a fire.

Wiring should be done by a qualified electrician.

Wrong wiring may lead to fire, breakdown or electric shock.