Chapter 11 Support Tools

The following support tools are available to record (store), and load the contents of the parameter memory. (Make sure to save the set parameters onto a floppy diskette.)

Model name

Applicable floppy diskettes

Ladder software (JW-50SP)

3.5-inch 2DD/2HD, 5-inch 2DD/2HD



Multipurpose programmer (JW-50PG)

3.5-inch 2DD



Ladder processor II (Z-100LP2S)

3.5-inch 2DD



11-1 Record and load by ladder software (JW-50SP)

(1) RecordStop operation of the JW-20CM

Select “PC TRANS.”

Select “Read.”

Select “DL. M. stn. PARAM.” or “DL. S. stn.


Set as the function setting condition of the

· Communication adaptor supplied

with JW-50SP

connected network module.




Convertor supplied with JW-50SP

After selecting “PC stop,” press the


· Control module connection cable






Record onto the personal computer

After stopping operation, record the parameters of the JW-20CM onto the memory of the personal computer.

Select “Read out PARAM” and press the “Enter” key.

Start reading to memory of the personal computer.



Start operation of the JW-20CM

After recording the parameters onto the personal computer, start operation of the JW-20CM.

After selecting “Start write EEPROM” or “Execution start,” press the “Enter” key.

Start operation of the JW-20CM

After selecting “PC Run,” press the “Enter” key.

Start PC operation