13-6 Application instruction using instruction system

(1) F-202

F-202Open Channel






file N















Specify the target station for inter-PC data communications to be

performed across the satellite net (ZW/JW-20CM). These instructions

Functionare used in conjunction with the F-204 (SEND) or F-205 (RCV) instructions.

Range of PORT

Input the port number of rack panel that installed on ZW/JW-20CM.


Example: JW-13BU

Control module


























Power module



Port No.



0 to 3 : Channel number for the specified port number. Available for use

Range of CH

four times by classifying the same port numbers into CH0, CH1,


CH2, and CH3 in the PC program.


Range of ST

00 to 77(8) : Communication target station number. Set by octal.

Range of file N

0 to 7 : Specify the PC data area (file number) of the communication

target station. [ ]




Range of n

000000 to 177777(8) : Specify the PC data top address (file address) of

the communication target station. [ ]



When an input signal is ON, keep it ON until the flag is changed.





Refer to F-204 and F-205 for the combination of F-204 and F-205. []

After turning ON the input signal of F-202, keep it ON until the finish of the execution of the instruction. If the input signal is turned OFF during execution of the instruction, the instruction ends in an incomplete condition. Under this condition, next, when an F-202 instruction is given, it will come to a “communication jam,” and the instruction will not be executed. Turn the power OFF and then ON again for recovery.

[ ] F-202 instructions must always be used in conjunction with the F-204 (SEND) or F-205 (RCV) instruction.