2-3 Treatment

For ventilation, holes are provided in the cabinet to prevent a temperature rise. Do not block the ventilation holes. Good ventilation is necessary.

Never allow a liquid such as water and chemical solution and a metallic object like a copper wire inside the JW-20CM to avoid a possible hazard. Otherwise, it may be a cause of machine trouble.

When a trouble or abnormal condition such as overheat, fume, or smoke is met, stop the operation immediately, and call your dealer or our service department.

2-4 Static electricity



In extremely dry circumstances, the human body may have excessive static current. This excessive static current may damage parts in the JW-20CM’s PC board. Therefore, prior to accessing the JW- 20CM, touch your hand to a grounded piece of metal to discharge the static current in your body.

2-5 Maintenance

Use a clean, dry cloth when cleaning the JW-20CM. Do not use volatile chemicals such as thinner or alcohol as it may result in deformation and color fading.