7-3 Cable wiring procedure in control panel

[1] Fixing of the cable

In order not to put any force on the cable and the JW-20CM, fasten the cable to an line nearby input of a control panel or a “T” branch point to the JW- 20CM using saddles etc.

[2] Extra length of cable




Provide an extra length of the cable of 2 to 3 m inside a control panel for easier processing of the cable end and easier wiring when changing module positions.

[3] Connection to the JW-20CM

The connector to the JW-20CM should be turned right to secure locking, not merely inserted.


[4] Insulation cover

When the connector touches with a high voltage section or external enclosures, communication errors may occur. Make sure to install an insulation cover.

An extra length of cable of 2 to 3 m

Communication cable connection connector

“T” jacket

(insulation cover)

“L” jacket

(insulation cover)