(2)Parameter setting by remote function

This paragraph describes how to set the parameters of other stations’ network module connected on the satellite net.

This is only available when the target station is within the standard network connection. Usable support tools are JW-13PG/12PG.

<An operation example using the JW-13PG>

Connect the programmer to the network module

Connect the programmer to the network module on the satellite net.

Setting mode

Select initial mode.

Display initial mode.

Assign the link

Assign the parameter setting remotely.

Select “LINK” in initial.

Select display mode of “1PG, 2PG1 MODE” in specified link.

Select “TARGET STA.” in 1PG, 2PG1 MODE.

Setting target station

Select the target station to set the parameter remotely.

Change the code from hexadecimal(H) display to octal(O) display and input the target station (00(8) to 77(8)).

Communication with the target station

Initiate communication with the target station.