7-5 Wiring of cables at outside control panels

Do not bundle the coaxial cable (the trunk and branch lines) together with power cables, and separate from power cables at least by 100 mm. Do not put the coaxial cable into a power line wired duct. The best way is to put the communication line in an independent duct.

Be careful that the coaxial cable does not receive any load by laying under a heavy weight such as other cables.

When other cables run in the same duct as the coaxial cable, run the coaxial cable on the top position.

Do not run the coaxial cable outdoors as it may cause damage to the JW-20CM due to inductive lightning or atmospheric charge during lightning.

7-6 Check after wiring

Check the items below after completion of wiring.




Check contents





1The recommended connector types are used.

2The connectors are securely locked.

3The connectors are insulated by T jacket or L jacket.

4The recommended coaxial cable type is used.

5Curved radius of the coaxial cables are more than 45 mm.

6No heavy load is on the coaxial cables.

The coaxial cable is not bundled with a power line cable.


(Away from power line cables more than 100 mm.)

8Length of branch lines is shorter than 400 mm.

9Total length of the cable is less than 1 km.

Settings of the termination resistance switch and the shield ground switch are as per


the drawings.