Internet printing (Windows Me)

Installing the IPP client

The IPP client must be installed on your computer. Follow the steps below to install it.

1.Insert the Windows Me CD-ROM.

2.Select the add-onsfolder, and then select the IPP folder.

3.Double-click wpnpins.exe. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

4.Click OK to restart your computer.

Setting up the printer

Connect your computer to a printer through IPP.

1.Click Start, point to Settings, and then select Printers.

2.Click Add Printer, and then click Next.

3.Click Network Printer, and then click Next.

4.Type the URL of the printer, and then click Next. http://IP address of print server:631/printer name Example:

5.See “Installing a printer driver” on page 102 to install the printer driver.

100Installing the Printer Driver