Using Bindery Remote Printer Mode (NetWare 4.x)

Follow the steps below to make the printer environment on NetWare 4.x and IntranetWare with Bindery emulation.


Assign Trusteeships for users if necessary.

Be sure to use PCONSOLE to set the print queue and print server instead of using NWAdmin.

Creating objects

1.From any NetWare client, log in to the server as an ADMIN. Make sure to log in with Bindery connection.


If the client using for this setting has been logged in with NDS mode, press F4 key while PCONSOLE is starting to switch to the bindery mode.

2.Run PCONSOLE. From the Available Options screen, select Print Queues and press Enter. Press Insert and type the print queue name. Press Enter.


Since your clients need the print queue name you set here when they use the printer, announce the print queue name to your clients.

3.From the Print Queue list, select the print queue name that you just entered and press Enter. From the Print Queue Information list, select Queue Users and press Enter. Next, select EVERYONE from the list. If EVERYONE is not in the list, press Insert and select EVERYONE from the queue user list.

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