Setting up for HP-UX 9.05 or later

In the following steps, substitute the name that your printer will be known by for HOSTNAME, and the name by which you want your printer to be known for Rprinter.

1.Add the IP address and host name to the /etc/hosts file.

For example: HOSTNAME

2.Terminate the printer service.

For example: lpshut

3.Create a printer.

For example:

lpadmin -pRPrinter -v/dev/null -mrmodel -ormHOSTNAME -orpaux

4.Restart the print service.

For example: lpshed

5.Enable the printer for use.

For example: accept Rprinter enable Rprinter

6.To print, use the lp command.

For example:

lp -DRPrinter Print-File-Name

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