Setting up for SunOS 4.1.4 or later

In the following steps, substitute the name that your printer will be known by for HOSTNAME, and the name by which you want your printer to be known for Rprinter.

1.Add the IP address and printer host name to the \etc\hosts file.

For example: HOSTNAME

2.Create a spool directory.

For example: mkdir\var\spool\lpd\PRIFx

3.Add the printer entry to the \etc\printcap file.

For example:

Rprinter ALCXXXX:lp=:rm=HOSTNAME:rp=aux:sd=/var/spool/lpd /PRIFx

4.To print, use the lpr command.

For example:

lpt -s -PRPrinter Print-File-Name


Files that exceed 1 MB may not be printed unless the -s option is used.

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