Function of Universal Plug and Play

When you connect your printer to the network, the printer is automatically assigned with an IP address, and the printer's icon appears in the My Network Places folder. By double-clicking the printer's icon, you can access EpsonNet WebAssist for basic information about the printer, such as manufacturer, model name, location, and administrator’s name.

Right-click the printer's icon in the My Network Places folder and select Properties. You can check the brief information of the print server.

To use this function, the Universal Plug and Play must be installed on Windows Me or future operating systems. For information on how to install Universal Plug and Play, see the Windows Me online help.


Before using the Universal Plug and Play function, you must enable the Universal Plug and Play function in EpsonNet WinAssist or WebAssist. See “TCP/IP” on page 59 or “Configuring the Print Server Using EpsonNet WebAssist” on page 202.

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