System Requirements

Operating systems

Windows Me, 98, 95


Windows XP Professional/Home Edition


Windows Server 2003


Windows 2000 Server/Professional


Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation with Service


Pack 3.0 or higher




Pentium 200 MHz (Pentium II or better






32 MB or more



Hard disk space

20 MB or more



Installing EpsonNet Direct Print

Follow the steps below to install EpsonNet Direct Print. Be sure to install EpsonNet Direct Print on a computer connected to the network.


If EpsonNet Direct Print version 1 is installed on your computer, you need to uninstall it before installing EpsonNet Direct Print version 2.x (the installation program will lead you through uninstalling the older version of EpsonNet Direct Print).

1.Insert the Software CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.

2.The EPSON Installation Program screen opens automatically.

If the Installer dialog box does not appear, double-click SETUP.EXE on the CD-ROM.

174EpsonNet Direct Print