Setting an IP Address Using the arp/ping Command

If you are using UNIX or OS/2, you need to use the arp and ping command to set the IP address of the print server. You can also use these commands with Windows Me/98/95/XP/Server 2003/2000/NT 4.0, if you have correctly installed TCP/IP networking on these systems.


Make sure that the Set using PING function is enabled on the TCP/IP menu in EpsonNet WinAssist or EpsonNet WebAssist. If this function is disabled, you cannot set the IP address using the arp/ping command.

Make sure the print server and the computer are in the same segment.

Before you start, you need the following information:

A valid IP address for the print server. Ask your network administrator for an IP address which does not cause conflicts with any other device on the network. If you are the network administrator, choose an address within your subnet which does not conflict with any other device.

The MAC (Ethernet hardware) address of the print server. You can find out the MAC address on a status sheet.

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