Setting the printer on client workstations

After configuring the print server, set up the printer on client workstations.

Installing printers automatically

1.Run the Novell Printer Manager from Windows. If you are running Windows Me/98/95/2000/NT, run:


2.In the Novell Printer Manager dialog, select New from the Printer menu.

3.Click Add. A list of available printers appears.

4.Select the printer you want and click Install.

The Novell Printers---Install dialog appears. You may modify the printer name that appears and select a pre-defined configuration.

5.Click OK. The printer driver for that printer model is installed automatically from the Resource Management Service.

6.Click Close. The printer appears in the main Printer Manager window and is available for print jobs.

Installing printers manually

1.Install the printer driver.

2.Change the Ports on the printer’s properties dialog box. Specify the following objects for the port.

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