This section describes the general procedure on how to set up the print server for use on a network.

1. Check the print server operation.

Check the functions and operations of the print server, such as status lights, status sheet button, and RJ-45 connector. See “Print Server Operation” on page 8 for details.

2. Install the necessary components on the computer.

Make sure the necessary components (such as TCP/IP, NetBEUI, etc.) are installed on the computer, and network settings (such as the IP address, subnet mask, etc.) of the computer is set. See “Installing Components on Your Computer” on page 15 for details.

3. Connect the print server to the network.

Connect the print server to the network. See “Connecting the Print Server to the Network” on page 31 for details.

4. Install EpsonNet WinAssist/MacAssist on the computer.

Install EpsonNet WinAssist or MacAssist on the computer to configure the print server. See “Installing EpsonNet WinAssist/MacAssist” on page 34 for details.

5.Setting an IP address for the print server using EpsonNet Win/MacAssist.

Assign an IP address to the print server, using EpsonNet WinAssist or MacAssist. For Windows users, see “Setting an IP Address Using EpsonNet WinAssist” on page 37. For Macintosh users, see “Setting an IP Address Using EpsonNet MacAssist” on page 43 for details.

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