Windows 2000/NT environment

A dial-up connection dialog box appears when printing with TCP/IP via EpsonNet Direct Print.


What to do



You have selected a phone line or modem (for Internet Explorer 4.0x) for the Internet connection.

Printing ends normally after you cancel this dialog box, but the message appears every time you print. Connect to the Internet using a local area network or start a dial-up network manually.

A communication error message appears when you start printing or when you open the printer’s properties.


What to do



When you print with NetBEUI or IPP, EPSON Status Monitor cannot be used.

Open the printer’s properties and then click the Optional Settings tab. Select the Update the Printer Option Information manually radio button.

Open the printer’s properties and then click the Utility tab. Clear the Monitor the Printing Status check box.

No clients except an administrator can print via Windows NT Server 4.0.