About modes

You can choose either the Print Server, Remote Printer, or Standby mode. We recommend that you use the Print Server mode unless the number of users exceeds the limit.

Features of these modes are described below.

Print Server mode (NDS/Bindery Print Server):

High-speed printing with direct printing

Uses the NetWare user account

Can connect up to 8 file servers simultaneously

Can register up to 32 print queues

Remote Printer mode:

A NetWare user account is not required.

A print server is needed to control the remote printer.

Can attach up to 16 printers for NetWare 3.x, and up to 255 for NetWare 4.x or later.


When you turn on the printer, the user account is temporarily accessed in the Remote Printer mode. If there is no user account available, turn on the printer before connecting the client to the network.

Standby mode (factory default mode):

The Standby mode is the default mode. This mode disables all NetWare related functions. Use the Standby mode when you are not using the print server in a NetWare environment.

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