About This Guide

This User’s Guide contains information about using the print server on a network. It includes how to set up the print server, install the configuration software, and modify network settings of your printer and computers.

For information about your printer, see the manual shipped with your printer.


This guide is written for network administrators, and many of the steps included here require detailed network knowledge and administrator rights.

The term network administrator refers to the person responsible for maintaining the network. “Administrator” is synonymous with “Supervisor” in this guide.

The term “print server” refers to the EpsonNet 10/100 Base Tx High Speed Int. Print Server in this guide.

Some screen shots in this guide may list a printer name other than your printer. This difference does not alter the instructions.

Warnings, Cautions, and Notes


must be followed carefully to avoid bodily injury.


must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment.


contain important information and useful tips on the operation of the print server.

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