Terms and Concepts

Configuration -- a prepared set of conditions for proper operation of a device. Configuring the print server is to prepare it to work with protocols available on a network.

DHCP -- a dynamic host configuration protocol. It is a protocol that assigns dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network.

EtherTalk --the communication protocol of AppleTalk governing Ethernet transmissions

ftp -- a TCP/IP application protocol for file transfer lpd -- a TCP/IP remote printing protocol application

Print queue -- a location where a print job is stored as a file, until the print server sends the job to the assigned printer

Protocol -- a rule that controls how data or information is exchanged through a network. Computers and software cannot communicate with each other using different protocols.

Remote printer -- a shared printer connected elsewhere on the network, but under the control of a NetWare print server

TCP/IP -- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, a layer of protocols that provides communication between nodes on a network