Menu Bar

EpsonNet WinAssist provides the following menus and sub-menus.

Device menu:


Configures the print server you have selected.

Launch Browser

Starts EpsonNet WebAssist to configure the print server you have selected. EpsonNet WebAssist is a utility that runs on a browser.


Quits EpsonNet WinAssist.

View menu:


Updates to the latest information by searching for the available printers again.

Tool menu:


Set the timeout value between 2 and 120 seconds. See “Timeout option” on page 51 for more information.

Search Method

Select the connections and protocols to use to search for a print server. See “Search method” on page 52 for more information.

Search Options

Configures the options for a search with IP or IPX. See “Search options” on page 53 for more information.

50EpsonNet WinAssist Configuration Utility