17.In the Print Server dialog box, select the assigned printer from the printer object list, and click the Printer Number button to set the printer number from 0 to 15, then click OK.

18.To confirm the objects you have assigned, double-click the Print Server object icon. Click Print Layout, and check that the print server, printer, and print queue are connected.

Configuring for NetWare using EpsonNet WinAssist

1.Turn on your printer.

2.Load the print server from the file server’s system console which the print queue volume is set.

>LOAD PSERVER print server name you set using


3.Configure the print server using EpsonNet WinAssist. See “NetWare” on page 63 for details.

If NetWare objects are already created, you can also use EpsonNet WebAssist. See “NetWare” on page 211 for details.

Using NDS Remote Printer Mode (NetWare 4.x/5.x/6.0)

Follow the steps below to make the printer environment using NWAdmin under NetWare 4.x, IntranetWare, NetWare 5.x, or NetWare 6.0 with NDS mode.

Creating objects

1.From any NetWare client, log in to the target context of the NDS tree as an ADMIN.

2.Run the Administrator tool (NWAdmin).

146Settings for NetWare Server