IntroductionAbout Your Print Server

The EpsonNet 10/100 Base Tx High Speed Int. Print Server is a print server that plugs into an optional interface slot of an Epson printer to enable the printer to connect directly to your network.

Because the print server supports multiple protocols and automatically detects protocols on your network, you can print from Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Macintosh®, UNIX®, and IBM® OS/2 applications.

Use EpsonNet WinAssist/MacAssist/WebAssist, the configuration utilities provided with your product, to quickly and easily configure the print server to use protocols such as TCP/IP, NetWare, NetBEUI, AppleTalk®, IPP, and SNMP.


The EpsonNet WinAssist/MacAssist/WebAssist utility configures the print server to work only with protocols that exist on your network. This does not imply that you can use all of the above-mentioned protocols on your network or operating system. The protocols that the print server can use may vary depending on the operating system and the network configuration.

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