3.Install the appropriate Client Software on client workstations. Make sure they install NDPS.

4.Install printer drivers on client workstations. See the printer manual for the installation.


Do not install the printer drivers via the NetWare server.

Do not add printers and do not install printer drivers using Novell Print Manager (NWPMW32.EXE).

Creating an NDPS Manager

1.Run NetWare Administrator (NWADMN32.EXE) on the client machine. The main browser window appears.

2.To create an NDPS Manager, click the Directory context icon, and then select Create from the Object menu.

3.Select NDPS Manager from the list.

4.Enter the NDPS Manager name in the NDPS Manager Name field.

5.Browse the Resident Server and select where you want the NDPS Manager assigned.

6.Browse the Database Volume and select where you want the NDPS Manager database assigned.

7.Click Create. The NDPS Manager icon appears in the main browser window.

8.Type LOAD NDPSM at the server console, and then select the NDPS Manager you have created.

154Settings for NetWare Server