Xantrex Technology PV100S-208 manual Operate Inverter, Completed Commissioning

Models: PV100S-208

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Operate Inverter

Starting the Commissioning Test File

Operate Inverter

1.Make sure all doors are closed and locked.

2.Using the Front Panel or the GUI, set the I PPT Max percent to 25%.

3.Place the ON/OFF Switch (S3) in the ON position. If the PV voltage is above PV Start voltage threshold, followed by a 5-minute delay period, the PV contactor (K2) will close, followed by the Main AC contactor (K1). The inverter will begin to produce power up to 25% of rated power.

4.Look, listen and smell for any defects.

Important: If the PV100S suddenly ceases operation, and faults with an "0014 Grid Interface Failed", this could be an indication that the power conductor terminations between the Isolation Transformer (T6-X1, T6-X2, and T6-X3) and Main Inverter Enclosure (TB4-A, TB4-B, and TB4-C) are incorrect. Open the AC Disconnect Switch (S1) and the DC Disconnect Switch (S2). Place the ON/OFF Switch (S3) in the OFF position. Once the System is isolated for maintenance, verify that these terminations are correct. Upon verification that the terminations are correct, close the AC and DC Disconnect switches and repeat the previous steps.

5.Make sure the Matrix fan is operating.

6.If everything is okay, increase the I PPT Max until you reach 100%.

7.Check all the operating data with the GUI or front panel. Record any irregularities.

8.Let the inverter run.

9.Once you finish these steps, go back to the GUI Commissioning Procedure and click on the check box to indicate the task is complete. Go to the next step by clicking on the "NEXT" button.

Completed Commissioning

1.Once you have successfully completed all the commissioning steps, save the test report to a file.

2.Email the completed report to:


3.Send or Fax a copy of the Product Registration Form (page WA–3)to Xantrex. The address and Fax numbers are available on page WA–3.

Thank You for choosing Xantrex "The Smart Choice for Power".

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Page 85
Image 85
Xantrex Technology PV100S-208 manual Operate Inverter, Completed Commissioning