Maintenance and Operations Periodic Maintenance
Centillion 1200N ATM Switch User Manual 9-11
NTP 297-8103-903

Flash Memory Card

1. Power off the ATM Switch.
2. Insert a spare flash memory card (with an on-line program) into the PCMCIA
slot #0 (bottom slot).
3. Insert the flash memory card with configuration data into the PCMCIA slot #1
(upper slot).
4. Power up the ATM Switch while simultaneously pressi ng (and hold do wn) the
“Esc” key on the MAT console. The 8550 will enter the boot program.
5. At the BOOT# prompt, type the following:
SET boot flash_up_save
6. At the BOOT# prompt, type the following:
Data from slot #1 will be copied to the card i n s lot #0.
Cosmetic Check Recommended monthly.
Since alarm status is checked directly from the MAT or NMS on as “as needed”
basis, a cosmetic check of the A TM Switch is si mply performed as routine, peri odic
Is the ALARM LED lighted?
Is there irregular noise?
Is there warp, etc., in the shell?
Is there a missing screw?
Checking Cables
and Connectors Recommended every six months.
Is there a disconnected cable or a loose connector?
Is there an excessive bend in a cable?
Is a front plate installed on every open slot?
Checking with MAT
Recommended every six months.
1. Check alarm status from a MAT using the DISPLAY alarm command.
2. Perform system diagnosis from a MAT using the DIAGNOSIS ? command.